This morning, around 8:30, I set out in my kayak to cross Deering Reservoir, aiming for the section of the reservoir’s shoreline that I monitor for invasive organisms. I monitor this shoreline monthly beginning May through the end of the season. This morning was my first for this year.

It was a good morning for kayaking. Little breeze, more or less calm lake – – and no boats to make waves. To get to my part of the reservoir I pass Sunderland Island. Crossing at that point can be a workout! As I approached the island I heard and then noticed a loon. AS I got closer I observed a patch of white mid way up one of the old pine trees that grow from the edge of the island.

Sure enough, that white patch was the head of a bald eagle. The first I’ve ever seen. I was allowed to approach and even move around to a different vantage point directly below it (I was wearing a hat) before the bird left.

I am told that there might be a nesting pair at the reservoir. This eagle certainly gave an air of ownership!

Here are some pictures.


  1. What great news. As owners of the island, which is more generally known as Sanctuary Island, we are hopeful the eagle(s) are nesting there, although we have observed an eagle soaring above Deering Lake for several years.


  2. Thanks Gary — great photos! We’ve seen 1 eagle a lot recently — will keep our eyes peeled for another. FYI — the loons in north cove are already on the nest!


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