Welcome to Deering

Welcome to Deering, our small New Hampshire town!

Deering’s natural landscape is part of the essential infrastructure that defines the highly valued quality of life by Deering’s residents.  Some of the important natural features are our hills and forested lands, such as Hedgehog Hill and Clark Summit, and our water resources such as the Contoocook and Piscataquog Rivers, and the Deering Reservoir.

For many species of animals, from moose to invertebrates, un-fragmented lands, such as are found in Deering’s many conserved lands, are important for sustaining populations. Fewer roads means less mortality for migrating turtles, frogs, and salamanders. Corridors of protected lands that link one area to another are essential for species that move from one place to another or have large territories. The protected lands and wetlands that are found in Deering will continue to provide habitat for wildlife, scenic enjoyment and recreational opportunities for visitors, and a healthy environment for future generations.

Deering residents value the natural resources  in their town such as the Reservoir, wetlands, open spaces, wildlife diversity and scenic views, and appreciate the opportunities available to hike, swim, snowshoe, hunt, fish and otherwise enjoy access to these resources.

We hope  you will come to Deering and share with us this wonderful landscape.

Please follow the links in this blog for information about trails and water-sport opportunities in Deering, and for images of features of wildflowers, mushrooms and other attributes of our town’s natural history.

If you want to know what is happening in Deering in general, please visit our town’s web site and look at Town Crier and the town calendar.

Come and enjoy!

Gary Samuels


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