Some Ground Rules

While much of Deering’s land is conserved and open to the public, there are some basic rules.

Hunting and fishing are permitted on conservation easements in Deering, but please seek permission from the owner of the land before entering it.

In hunting season be sure to wear clothes that will make you stand out. There are a lot hunters in Deering’s forests.

Camping and fires are not permitted anywhere. Much of the land in town is forested but our fire department is small and not well equipped to extinguish forest fires in more or less remote places.

Motorized vehicles, including ATV’s, trail bikes and other off-road trucks, jeeps etc are not permitted to cross wetlands and specific permission to use them on private property must be obtained  from the owner. These vehicles, when used off-road, cause serious damage to the forest environment.

Snowmobiles are permitted on the well-developed and maintained trails in town.

If your boat has been in ANY lake or stream outside of Deering you must be certain that no plants or animals are sticking to it. Invasive plant species such as milfoil and fan plant do not occur in town. Representatives of The Lake Hosts program will inspect all boats between Memorial Day and Labor day, but it is the responsibility of everybody to prevent introduction of invasive species into Deering’s waters.

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