Canada Lily in Deering

Lilies are now opening in our garden, the hiatus between the spring and summer bloomers over.

I know of two native lilies that occur in Deering. Mediola virginiana (Indian cucumber root, a member of the lily family) flowers in spring and, while its plants are conspicuous and its purple-berried fruits spectacular even, its flowers are quite hidden, although quite pretty.

Mediola virginiana plant



Medeola virginiana flowers






Medeola virginiana fruit













The second native lily that I’ve found in Deering is Canada lily, Lilium canadense. This is one of the most spectacular wildflowers found in Deering. The species was reported in the 1987 list but I had not seen it before this summer at the end of June along a small brook in West Deering near the McAlister fire station.

Canada lily is typically found in moist sites in woods, meadows, roadsides and so on. It is native to eastern USA and eastern Canada.  The plant stands from 1 to 4 feet tall and bears from 1 – 5 blossoms. The flowers can be red or yellow; what I found in Deering has yellow flowers.

Canada lily






Canada lily flowers


2 thoughts on “Canada Lily in Deering”

  1. Thanks again for the great article and photos- these posts really make Deering an even more special place to live. Do you ever post your photos to any NE wildflower sites? I know there is one one FB but I’m sure there are other more ‘official’ sites. Thanks again!


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