Which Invasive Upland Plant Species occur in our town?  
There are easily 5 or 6 plant species which have escaped managed landscape environments and are becoming a nuisance in both the natural and urban environments of Antrim.  The invading plants are Japanese Barberry, Oriental Bittersweet, Autumn Olive, Japanese Knotweed, Glossy and Common Buckthorn and Burning Bush. Once you know what to look for you will see just how common and widespread they are.
It is the same story here in Deering.
How to find out more about New Hampshire’s Invasive Upland Plant Species? 
Save the Date because on April 4, 2018, Douglas Cygan, Invasive Species Coordinator from the NH Department of Agriculture will provide a presentation at 7pm at Antrim Town Hall. His presentation will take an in-depth look at upland invasive plant species in NH.  Attendees will learn about the various issues invasive species present to natural and managed environments, NH rules and regulations regarding invasive species, identifying features and characteristics of invasive species and best management control measures of some of the most aggressive non-native plants in the Granite State. This presentation is co-sponsored by the Antrim Parks and Recreation Commission, the Antrim Grange and the Antrim Conservation Commission. 

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